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The Cost of Owning A Pug- What Do You Need to Know?

A pug is a sweet and dear pet for you to have for your family. However, when it comes to bringing home a pug, you should know how much it costs to take care of it. The cost of the pug here does not mean the amount you buy it for but the actual veterinarian costs you pay for its care. When it comes to the actual costs of caring for your pug, it is hard for you to get one fixed figure as each dog is different when it comes to health.

cost of a pug

Factors to consider before you bring home a pug

Pugs are adorable pets however when you need to take care of it; you should be financially sound as it needs a high-quality life. The costs of caring for a pug does not mean the number of toys, food and treats. The realistic costs will cover the number of trips it needs to make to the vet to stay healthy and sound.

Pug owners, on an average, say a pug needs to be taken to the vet at least four times in a year. This excludes emergency care and other visits. Two of these four visits are bi-annual check-ups that are referred to as preventive care. The other two visits could be for infections, illnesses and other routine problems. These visit charges will depend upon the skills and the experience of the vet you go to. The cost of owning a pug will also depend upon the area you live in.

For example, if you live in a metropolitan area, the costs of keeping a pug will be more than a rural area.

You should also include the costs of neutering and spray your pug. Most pug owners state their dogs suffer from Demodex Mange. This is an inflammatory disease caused by the Demodex mite. This leads to skin diseases and other genetic disorders. The immune system of the pug is affected as well. The mite does not exclusively infect pugs; it also affects other dogs as well. Some pug owners state they need to bear the costs of treatment that include dips, scrapings and other medicines.

The antibiotic treatment with special shampoos, however, is lesser over the costly medicinal and IV treatment. Last but not the least, you should include emergency care for your pug that covers x-rays, blood tests, IV fluids and more. Take an estimate of the costs in your area before you finally head to the market and buy the pug. Check out the best websites to look for pugs for sale.

This is a realistic picture of how much it takes to take care of a pug. Therefore, if you are keen to take a pug and keep it with you, research well on the possible costs of veterinarian care, emergency care with food, treat and toys. In this way, you can draw a realistic picture of how much it costs for you to take care of a pug and ensure it leads a happy and healthy life with you!